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There are some stories that just seem to sum up what we think of when we say Lesley Ellis School. On these pages we have tried to collect some of these stories to share with you. 

If you have a Lesley Ellis School story you would like to share, please email it to stories@lesleyellis.org. We'd love to hear from you!

Our School Stories

Celebrating Differences

Take a peek – at the “A.B.C.” Bulletin Board near the main office at our school, and you will see that these letters refer to more than the first three letters of the alphabet.  At Lesley Ellis, the letters “A.B.C.” are also acronyms for our award winning Anti-Bias Curriculum, which is woven throughout all grade levels.

The curriculum, developed by Lesley Ellis teachers, focuses primarily on school community values and the following eight “isms” - Racism, Religious Intolerance, Sexism/Gender Bias, Classism, Sizeism/Lookism, Ageism, Heterosexism, Ableism.  These topics are starting points for discussion and activities that each classroom works with, continuously throughout the year, at their developmentally appropriate level. more

Inventive Curriculum

Tuesday afternoons are full of fun and lots of creative energy, as students in grades three through eight have a chance to put their artistic talents to work with some of the finest artist-educators in the Greater Boston area.

Lesley Ellis music teacher and performer, Guy Mendilow, designed the Arts Block and Arts Apprenticeship programs as a way for students to experience art, dance, music, movement, and improvisation in a meaningful way that brings the inspiration of practicing artists into the school on a regular basis. more