Support Us Children

Annual Report 2017

"It Takes a Village." 

That's the title of former First Lady Hillary Clinton's 1996 book. ​It's also a phrase that has become synomymous with the postive impact that individuals and groups outside of the nuclear family have on the well-being of children. 

​The Lesley Ellis community is the embodiment of that phrase. Our faculty is dedicated and of the highest quality, our students are well-rounded, curious, and happy, and our parents, grandparents, and friends of the School are deeply committed to the growth and education of our children. 

​Every year, the community shows its support of Lesley Ellis in a variety of ways. One of the most impactful means of support is financial. We are deeply grateful to each donor and for every gift to Lesley Ellis. ​

​​Click here to see the 2017 Annual Report.