Setting a New Standard 

Stereotypes keep kids from knowing each other well and discourage real thinking about differences. Our award-winning anti-bias curriculum was designed to provide children with a framework for considering the effects of bias, stereotypes and labels in our culture and on each other.

The program is not only a social curriculum, it’s also an approach to developing critical thinking. We believe that students who are comfortable questioning social stereotypes will also question academic assumptions, read more critically, and think harder about the processes of analysis and interpretation. Learn more about our anti-bias curriculum: A Social Curriculum That Advances Critical Thinking

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

At Lesley Ellis School, we work to create an environment where all members of the community are treated with respect. Our mission, core values, and Community Code emphasize a kind, inclusive, and respectful community. We aim to provide and maintain a learning environment that is free of bullying and any other verbal or physical behavior that disrupts the learning environment or makes it unsafe. At Lesley Ellis we have a Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan which is in compliance with Mass General Law. The full plan can be read in the pdf document under "Additional Resources" on the left sidebar of this page.