Community Counts

community values are taught in and out of the classroom - children are given daily responsibilities and take part in community Events.   

Diverse and Welcoming

We believe a school must be a welcoming environment for all children and families--no matter what a child’s background, ethnicity or family structure. We are a philosophically and culturally diverse school where students, parents and teachers are comfortable with a range of perspectives and opinions. A diverse community helps us:

  • teach children how to resolve differences successfully
  • really think about the meaning of community
  • learn how to support each other

At Lesley Ellis School, we respect each other’s work, interests, histories and belongings. We share our ideas and engage the people around us. And we all take care of each other, too.

Community is something we consciously create at Lesley Ellis. We work hard at it and nurture it. Sometimes we wrestle with difficult topics, such as how do we balance community needs with individual needs, knowing most problems can be overcome if we work together.

Lesley Ellis School Community Code

We are kind and courteous to all.
We are respectful to each other and our surroundings.
We are proud of who we are and what we do.
We are Lesley Ellis School.