Art & Music

Music and Movement

Music is an important, prevalent and valued part of a Lesley Ellis education. We have two music teachers – one for our younger students and one for our older elementary and middle school students – and they work in tandem with our other classroom teachers to weave music into the fabric of our instruction. Music is part of our assemblies and we stage two musicals each year. The school also has three choral groups which are open to all elementary and middle school students. Children are taught music based on their individual aptitude and interests, which can range from layering rhythms to setting music to a poem or storybook to recording a CD of a small group performance. Instrumental music lessons are available for students after school.

Follow this link to Profile: Guy Mendilow, Lesley Ellis Music Specialist

Creativity and Self-Expression

At Lesley Ellis, our visual art program is designed to introduce children to the myriad forms of visual self-expression, build self-confidence in their own abilities and foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts. Our early childhood art program reflects a developmental approach that encourages individual creativity, as children work with an art teacher in their own classrooms. At the elementary and middle school level, students work in our on-site studio, where they have access to a variety of materials and supplies and work on projects involving drawing, painting, sculpture and other disciplines. Students not only create art, they’re exposed to the full range of artistic possibility, both through classroom explorations of artists like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack and Pablo Picasso, and through field trips to Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

Arts Block and Arts Apprenticeship Programs

Tuesday afternoons are full of fun and lots of creative energy, as students in grades three through eight have a chance to put their artistic talents to work with some of the finest artist-educators in the Greater Boston area. (Click here to read more)