Prekindergarten children are especially interested in making interpersonal connections and begin to forge exciting friendships. Throughout each day students are immersed in stimulating hands-on activities, enabling them to learn new skills while socializing with peers. They are also developing longer attention spans and the ability to verbalize their ideas. Teachers build on these developmental changes by exploring more abstract curriculum units, such as "Houses and Homes Around the World," "Family Food Traditions," or "Recycling".  Each prekindergarten class quickly becomes a cohesive group, allowing for a variety of large group activities, such as Yoga, practice with reading a "Morning Message", and lively class discussions. 


Prekindergarten at Lesley Ellis is a five-morning program (8:30-12:30), with afternoon (until 3:15) and afterschool (until 5:30) options and includes:

  • Spanish (2x/week)
  • Creative movement
  • Music
  • Library
  • Art (taught by specialist teacher and working artist)