Our New Home: 34 Winter Street, Arlington, MA



It's been years in the making but finally, Lesley Ellis School will have a permanent home! The move happens during the Summer of 2017. In September, Lesley Ellis will open its new doors at 34 Winter Street in Arlington. The School's relocation is mere blocks--4 to be exact--from its current location at 41 Foster St. "We're thrilled with our new location," says Head of School, Deanne Benson. "Lesley Ellis has been part of the Arlington and surrounding communities for decades. We've enjoyed tremendous support and dedication from so many families and we're pleased to have found this location that we'll be calling home for many years to come."  


Moving Update: August 26, 2017

The end of the summer is nearly here. So, too, is our renovation and construction project at our new home on 34 Winter St. Here’s the latest video!

Moving Update: August 3, 2017

August is here and so, too, are the paints! Check out the colors that are brightening our classrooms and hallways!

Moving Update: July 27, 2017

July is winding down but the activity inside 34 Winter St. is ramping up! Check out the progress!

Moving Update: July 14, 2017

What a difference a week makes! Have a look at what our fabulous construction crew has been up to. 

Moving Update: July 6, 2017

Check out the director's cut of 34 Winter St.! A behind the scenes look at the renovation progress.

Moving Update: July 3, 2017

While demolition continues inside the building at 34 Winter St., relocating and establishing the Lesley Ellis garden continues on the outside of the building! 

Moving Update: June 26, 2017

Demolition is underway! The crew is hard at work ripping, excavating, removing, and smashing! Already, the space is looking different. 

Moving Update: June 22, 2017

School is officially out and the move is on! We're moving out of our space at 41 Foster St. and preparing the space at 34 Winter St. for our move later the summer.

Check back here often to see the progress of the transformation of our new home! 
We'll be providing updates throughout the summer. 

Click here to see a few pictures of what 34 Winter St. looks like today. 


Below are a few pictures of our new home.


Below are renderings of various projects at 34 Winter St.

The New Middle School Lounge

Middle school students love to connect and hangout! Our new home has the perfect place for creating a social center for our middle school students.








Our future makerspace is a combination of community partnership, collaboration, and creation. It is intended for students to work together to test ideas and retune plans. Students will have the space and time to fail and redesign as their ideas develop in ways that have not been premeditated.

New Science Lab

Conducting experiments and learning how the scientfic world works is crucial to a robust science program. Our new science lab space allows our faculty to further enhance our already strong science curriculum by providing a dedicated lab area and state of the art equipment.