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Re-affirming School's Anti-bias Curriculum

Dear Community,

We are currently experiencing a time in our country when many of the social norms we thought had become mainstream are being challenged. Our school’s mission states: “Lesley Ellis School prepares accomplished, inquisitive and inspired learners by providing a challenging, student-centered, and anti-bias curriculum within a tightly connected community.”

It feels important at this time to re-affirm that we teach our students to respect themselves and one another and to view themselves as part of a larger, diverse global community. Our nationally recognized anti-bias curriculum provides students with a framework for considering the effects of bias, stereotypes, and labels in our culture and on each other. Through direct pro-active instruction, as well as using current events focusing on fact-based discourse, we provide students with strategies for actively improving the social conditions of all of those around them.

Students at Lesley Ellis develop critical thinking and the skills needed to stand up for others in the face of injustice. Older students, in particular, are challenged to constantly consider issues that pertain to inclusion, positive self-esteem for all, empathy, and activism when faced with discrimination. Recently, third and fourth graders made “We the People” posters. They brainstormed historically marginalized groups and created posters featuring these people.

One of the core values of our school is “Accepting.” At Lesley Ellis all are welcome, and we stand with members of our community who are marginalized. “There must be room in our society for each of us to play meaningful roles in crafting a future of peace, hope and mutual support.” (Schools for Children Executive Director, Theodore Wilson, “Why We March”,


Deanne Benson
Head of School
Lesley Ellis School