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dcasanave ::: First Day Faces

Smiling faces. Warm hugs. Running feet.

Despite the occasional raindrops during drop off, nothing could dampen the spirits of students and parents alike as Lesley Ellis School opened its orange doors to another school year.

Returning students and many new faces gathered in the hallways and classroom of Lesley Ellis. Parents got introduced and reacquainted. Teachers affectionately welcomed each student into their classrooms. The sense of excitement and anticipation was palpable.

First Day
dcasanave ::: New home for Lesley Ellis

It’s official! We’re moving. But not far.

After nearly 30 years at our present location, Lesley Ellis School, is moving to a new location at 34 Winter Street -- just 4 blocks from its current location.

The School has enjoyed a longtime lease with the Town but in the summer of 2017, Lesley Ellis will move into the building currently occupied by Dearborn Academy. Dearborn will be moving to a new location in Newton.

dcasanave ::: Letter to Community

Dear Community,

We are currently experiencing a time in our country when many of the social norms we thought had become mainstream are being challenged. Our school’s mission states: “Lesley Ellis School prepares accomplished, inquisitive and inspired learners by providing a challenging, student-centered, and anti-bias curriculum within a tightly connected community.”

dcasanave ::: Parent Ed Series

Doug Fodeman, a nationally recognized author and speaker about Internet safety, will speak at Lesley Ellis on Tuesday, November 29 at 7:00 p.m. as part of the ongoing Parent Education Speaker Series at Lesely Ellis. Mr. Fodeman's talk, titled: Parenting and Technology: Understanding Safe and Appropriate Practices, will address such topics as current issues impacting children through the use of technology, developmentally healthy and appropriate technolgy use, and the best strategies to help parents navigate their children's use of technology.

dcasanave ::: Middle School Open House

Join us on Wednesday, November 16 at 7 p.m. for our annual Middle School open house.

dcasanave ::: Parent Ed Series

The Lesley Ellis School Parent Education Series is devoted to bringing nationally recognized speakers to campus who are recognized experts in their field of expertise.

Click on the link below to learn more about the October presentation.

dcasanave ::: free fun fair

Mark your calendars!

The annual Lesley Ellis Free Fun Fair is coming. Saturday, October 1 from 9 - 11 a.m.. This event, for ages 2 - 5, is an active, fun-filled two hours with music, games, snacks, and face painting. Join families from the area for a morning of fun as kids have a chance to get to know one another better, meet new friends, and enjoy the crisp fall air. It's's's a no brainer! Don't miss it.

dcasanave ::: Graduation

Graduations are always memorable. The proud feeling of accomplishment by the graduate and his or her family and the anticipation of another exciting chapter about to begin.

Some graduations are also historic. The Lesley Ellis graduation last night was just that.

“These five students,” said Head of School, Deanne Benson, “are actually the oldest students we’ve ever had at Lesley Ellis. Last fall, Perry, Vanya, Makayla, Naomi and Clara were the first eighth graders to walk through the doors and tonight they are the first eighth grade graduates from Lesley Ellis School!”

dcasanave ::: community service, windrush farm, fifth and sixth grade

Impactful community service projects are a foundational element to the Lesley Ellis experience.

Fifth and sixth graders took part in a project that made a huge difference while providing the students with a very special experience.

dcasanave ::: Montreal Trip 2016

That sounds like the title to an adventure novel or the latest Hollywood thriller.

For Lesley Ellis seventh and eighth graders it was just a small part of a three day international excursion they took to Montreal, Canada.