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Early Childhood Distance Learning

Maintaining Connection During distance Learning

In early childhood, we have created an online distance learning curriculum that connects children with their teachers and classmates in an intentional and thoughtful way. In line with our learning philosophy, the most important aspect of learning is maintaining the relationship and touch points for children to communicate and interact with their teachers and classmates. We offer 15 minute face-to face times with each child’s teacher that include small groups and individual learning opportunities. This is where  curriculum and conversation occur, based on the interest of the child. Teachers also create daily hands-on and creative activities that encompass our developmental model of learning. Throughout the week, there are also other drop-in lunches, storytimes, snacks, and building challenges.

A Peek at Some Early Childhood Distance Learning


Where Do people live?

In social studies, students learned about rural, suburban and urban areas. They watched a Brain Pop Jr. presentation and did accompanying exercises.

A Jar of Happiness

The big, bad pig in today’s story was very grumpy until the three little wolves found something to make her happy. Sometimes, when we are having a tough day, it can be hard to remember the things that have made us happy. Find a jar or container in your house and decorate it with stickers, ribbons, paint, or any other art supplies you have available. Set it on your dinner table with some small pieces of paper and something to draw with. Every evening, try to write or draw a picture of one happy thing that happened to you that day. When you’re feeling grumpy, you can go back and look at your happiness jar, and it might make you feel better. Encourage the rest of your family to join in – we can all use a little extra happiness right now!

Music with Rob!

Check out Rob’s latest music installment for the early childhood students.

Where ARE all those socks?!

Each morning, early childhood teachers have a morning message for their students.
Often the messages are interactive and something that makes you smile!


What’s cooking in the chef’s kitchen?