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Going Gaga at Lesley Ellis

What is Gaga? Is it the feeling you have when you see your beloved? The sound a newborn makes? Or maybe it’s how you feel when you first smell and then taste a warm chocolate chip cookie. Gaga is all of those things. But to most children Gaga, which literally means ‘touch-touch’ in Hebrew, is a fun outdoor game similar to dodgeball played in an octagonal “pit” formed by wooden boards. It’s a very fast paced game that combines dodging, striking, running, and jumping, and kids (and adults!) love to play.

Lesley Ellis now has its very own Gaga pit and i  t’s already getting plenty of action! Every recess it is the “go to” activity for many students. If you haven’t already seen our new Gaga pit, take a look on the field near the parking lot … and you are also welcome to try it out!

Our heartfelt thanks to Jamie Braman (Harris, Grade 5), Mimir Reynisson (Magnus Agatstein, TK and Inara Agatstein, Grade 7), and our facility manager, Patrick Richards, who were all instrumental in getting the Gaga pit built and ready for action. Jamie and Patrick constructed the pit and Mimir created the lion logo on the wood sides.

Let’s play Gaga!

(Warning to adult players—a good chance you will be sore the next day!)






Middle School Open House

Join us at our virtual Middle School Open House on Wednesday, October 28 at 7:00 p.m. You’ll have a chance to learn about the middle school curriculum, meet and talk with the middle school director, and connect with other middle school faculty. We hope to see you there! To register, contact Andy Stratford.

Little Learner Series

Join us virtually for one of our Little Learners Series on the first Thursday of every month. This series is for parents and children ages 2 – 5. There will be stories, songs, and a variety of fun, educational activities. Invite a friend or neighbor. The Little Learners Series is free.

Register for one or more of the Little Learners Series here.