A Program of Schools for Children

Information and Forms

2023 – 2024 school year forms and information

This page provides you with information you need as well as important dates and timelines.

Enrollment Forms and Tuition Payment

Lesley Ellis uses an online tuition management system (TADS) to streamline the process of enrollment and to offer our parents a variety of payment options.

Please log into your TADS account here to make sure all your information is up to date.

Please email Carol Pollack if you have a new address, email or phone number.

Tuition payments should be made payable to TADS. You may remit payment electronically by logging into your account here; or if you are mailing your payment, please use this mailing address (be sure to include the payment coupon attached to your statement):

Auncor, Inc.
P.O. Box 850136
Minneapolis, MN 55485

Please be aware that mailing your payment to Lesley Ellis or Schools for Children may delay posting of your payment. If you have questions about your TADS account, please reach out to TADS at 800-477-TADS (8237), 612-238-3554, or via email.

School Calendar

Please click here for the school calendar on our website.

Medical History and Immunizations

Our school nurse, Rachel Langer needs a listing of the dates of all immunizations your child has received, a copy of the most recent complete physical (must be within one year), and the physician’s signature. Typically the doctor’s office can generate a school/camp form that provides all of this information.

Allergies / Asthma

If your child has any food allergies or asthma, a “Food Allergy Action Plan” or Asthma Action Plan” form generated and signed by your child’s physician, these need to be on file with our school nurse Rachel Langer.

Auxiliary Programs Information & Registration

Registration for our Auxiliary Programs is NOW OPEN! We hope to see your student in Clubhouse. We have a lot of exciting activities planned with your student in mind.

We hope you find viewing our offerings and registering easy. If you attended LES Summer Program, Clubhouse, or Vacation Clubhouse in the past you should use your same login.

Don’t hesitate to enroll and save your student’s place in one of our auxiliary programs now! Every student is required to have a Auxiliary Programs account. Please be sure to read all the policies about enrollment, fees, and cancellation so that you will avoid any payment issues.

To register for our auxiliary programs, click here.

If you have any questions, please email us give us a call at 781.641.5987.

Emily Roos
Auxiliary Programs Director