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Information and Forms

Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 school year at Lesley Ellis School.

As you prepare for the school year you’ll likely have questions regarding enrollment forms, the school calendar, family directory, class lists and other important information about the beginning of the school year. This page provides you with all of the information you need as well as important dates and timelines.

Before the start of school we will be sending you additional information including:

  • a school calendar
  • classroom assignments
  • family directory
  • a registration link for Clubhouse
  • information from the Parents’ Association

Click here for all of our COVID health policies and procedures.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carol Pollack, 781.641.5987. We can’t wait to see you in September!

Enrollment Forms and Tuition Payment

Lesley Ellis uses an online tuition management system (TADS) to streamline the process of enrollment and to offer our parents a variety of payment options.

Most of the forms we require were completed by you at the time of enrollment / re-enrollment. Please log into your TADS account here by August 15 to make sure all your information is up to date.

Please email Carol Pollack if you have a new address, email or phone number.

Tuition payments should be made payable to TADS. You may remit payment electronically by logging into your account here; or if you are mailing your payment, please use this mailing address (be sure to include the payment coupon attached to your statement):

110 N 5th St. Floor 2
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Please be aware that mailing your payment to Lesley Ellis or Schools for Children may delay posting of your payment. If you have questions about your TADS account, please reach out to TADS at 800-477-TADS (8237), 612-238-3554, or via email.

COVID Protocols at Lesley Ellis

Lesley Ellis took steps early to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. As we come back together this fall our school has adopted new policies and procedures aimed at keeping us as safe and healthy as possible even amid these uncertain times. Our COVID-19 practices include:

daily health and travel screening for all students and staff;
restricted entrance to the building; grouping students in small cohorts;
minimizing the number of adults interacting with each small group;
regular and frequent sanitizing;
increased hand hygiene;
physical distancing;
requiring masks of all students Kindergarten through Grade 8 and all faculty;
and strongly recommending masks in early childhood classrooms.

We will continually follow the science and adapt and adopt new practices as we learn more. Of course, we cannot guarantee that anyone who enters our school won’t get the virus. But if we all share best practices at work, at home, and at school, we can create the safest environment possible.

Flu Vaccine News

Per the state of Massachusetts guidelines, all students are required to get the flu vaccine prior to December 31, 2020. We recommend getting your child’s flu vaccine as soon as possible through your pediatrician or other health care provider rather than waiting until later in the calendar year.

Upcoming Chats

Our school nurse, Kelsey Riley, and Head of School Deanne Benson will be available at the following dates and times for Zoom conversations about our COVID policies and procedures.

         Early Childhood Parents, Tuesday, August 25, 8:00 am

         Elementary Parents, Monday, August 24, 4:00 pm

         Middle School Parents, Monday, August 24, 8:00 am



Early Childhood Developmental History Form

Every year we ask families of children new to our early childhood program to fill out a developmental history form. The form helps classroom teaching teams better understand the individual needs of your child as they plan for the upcoming school year.

Please email the completed forms to Early Childhood Program Director, Mara Bangura by Monday, August 17th. If you can’t email them, please send them by mail:

Mara Bangura
Lesley Ellis School
34 Winter St.
Arlington, MA 02474

School Calendar

Please click here for the school calendar on our website. The first day of school is Wednesday, September 9.

Medical History and Immunizations

If you have not already submitted these forms through TADS, please email your child’s most recent physical and immunization history to our school nurse, Kelsey Riley. We need a listing of the dates of all immunizations your child has received, a copy of the most recent complete physical (must be within one year), and the physician’s signature. Typically the doctor’s office can generate a school/camp form that provides all of this information. We understand there may be delays scheduling annual exams. Please send us the most recent forms you have.

Allergies / Asthma

If your child has any food allergies or asthma, we need a “Food Allergy Action Plan” or Asthma Action Plan” form generated and signed by your child’s physician. Please send this to us as soon as possible. You may email it to our school nurse, Kelsey Riley, or you may mail it to us at:

Kelsey Riley
Lesley Ellis School
34 Winter St.
Arlington, MA 02474

Once we receive the form from you, Kelsey will contact you before the beginning of the school year to discuss the details.

Clubhouse Information & Registration

Registration for LES Clubhouse is NOW OPEN! We hope to see your student in Clubhouse whether it is online or virtual through Plugged IN. We have a lot of exciting activities planned with your student in mind.

We know this year will be different but we are ready! We have worked hard to be
sure that Clubhouse encompasses as much Preschool – Grade 8 programming as possible

We hope you will find viewing our offerings and registering easy. If you have attended LES Summer Program, Plugged IN, Clubhouse, or Vacation Clubhouse you will use your same login and account for this school year.

Don’t hesitate to enroll and save your student’s place in the Lesley Ellis Clubhouse now! Every student will be required to have a Clubhouse account. Please be sure to read all the policies about enrollment, fees, and cancellation so that you will avoid any payment issues.

To register for Clubhouse, click here.

If you have any questions, please email us give us a call at 781.354.9376.

Currently, due to COVID-19 we are not be able to offer Vacation Clubhouse during Wednesday Early Release days, nor can we offer Vacation Clubhouse on holidays.

See you in Clubhouse,
Jeanette Keller
Auxiliary Programs