A Program of Schools for Children

Middle School Athletics

At Lesley Ellis School, we offer students a wide variety of educational opportunities and ambitious academic challenges. As an essential component of this program, middle school athletics helps students develop both socially and emotionally through physical activity and teamwork. Based on Lesley Ellis School values, the athletics program seeks to prepare students for future athletic opportunities by developing not only skill, but more importantly, character.

The middle school athletics program provides students the opportunity to participate in soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and cross-country in the spring. Through team practices and interscholastic games, students learn the fundamental skills and strategies of these sports. Lesley Ellis School competes in the Big MAC (Montessori Athletic Conference), playing similar middle schools throughout the Boston area.

Competition is introduced in a supportive environment promoting fair play and sportsmanship. The middle school athletics program seeks to develop character, build self-confidence, and promote physical wellness in each and every student.