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Middle School Distance Learning

Collaboration and Creativity

The LES Middle School Distance Learning Plan is intended to facilitate the division’s continued commitment to providing thoughtfully crafted, meaningful academic, social-emotional, and wellness supports for students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We remain committed to creating opportunities that foster creative and innovative thinking, collaboration, and, most importantly during this time, personal connections. We remain dedicated to providing students with diverse learning experiences that prepare them for academic success. As such, teachers work diligently to design an on-line curriculum that creatively challenges and inspires students through engaging and purposeful learning activities. Our middle school students continue to develop, practice and apply their skills as communicators, collaborators, ethical global citizens, creative and critical thinkers, and resilient individuals.

Science Fair 2020

Olivia presenting her presentation on how egg substitutes affect pancakes

What can happen over 3 days and 19 hours of online Zoom meetings? The annual Lesley Ellis Science Fair!

Despite the new model of teaching and learning that we’re all subject to these days, our intrepid scientists could not be deterred. With the guidance of Chuck Claus and the use of many technological tools, the weeks and months of preparation paid off and were on full Zoom display!

The volunteer independent scientist/engineer/science educator judges were delighted and impressed with the students’ presentations which were well conceived science/engineering projects. The Science Fair is a wonderful reminder of the tremendous growth in capability and confidence that students experience as they progress through the middle school grades.

Below is a video moderated by Emily Roos and featuring Chuck Claus and one of the judges, Polly Vanasse, discussing the science fair and its place in the Lesley Ellis middle school curriculum.


Lantern Poetry Project

Below are a few examples of poems written by our grade 5 and 6 students as part of their lantern poetry project. Click the button in the sidebar to learn more about the project.


How Much TP Do You Need?!

Our middle schoolers are keeping it real during this unusual time. Check out this project!  Do you agree with their findings?!

Connecting on Zoom

Like so many of us, Zoom is the way we are staying connected. Teaching and learning is taking place virtually and we’re all adapting. Below are some screen grabs from some of the online earning that is taking place everyday at Lesley Ellis.


A virtual project based on an iconic American classic

Below are photos of students analyzing the symbolic meaning of items in the tree that the character Boo Radley has been leaving for the protagonists, Jem and Scout, in To Kill a Mockingbird. English teacher Mariya used what’s called a symbol mind-map to break down the meaning of these symbols and connect them to the students’ own experiences.