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Middle Schoolers Shine

It’s been quite a spring for many of our middle schoolers as they participated in three different academic competitions: the Noetic Learning Math Contest, the National Spanish Examination, and the regional Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair! The Noetic Learning Math Contest is conducted biannually and encourages students’ interest in math, develops their problem-solving skills, and inspires them to excel. Over 32,000 students participate. The National Spanish Exam recognizes achievement and promotes proficiency in Spanish. And finally, the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair gives students the chance to explore “real world” science and engineering discovery through actual hands-on experience.

In all three of these contests, our students did a spectacular job! Quite frankly, our students are pretty amazing. All of our eighth graders took the National Spanish Exam this year, and nine of the sixteen received awards ranging from honorable mention up through a gold medal, achieved by Miriam Stodolsky. The Noetic Learning Math Contest was optional for our students in grades 5-8, but many of them chose to participate in the contest. Immy Serifovic (grade 7), Jamie Broadhead (grade 7) and Ittai Nelkin-Regev (grade 8) were in the top 10% of all students participating in their respective grade levels nationwide and will receive “National Honor Roll” medals. At the regional Science and Engineering Fair, three of our students, Manasa Rajesh (grade 8), Asahel Putnam (grade 6), and Anna Augart-Welwood (grade 8), qualified to compete in the State Fair in Worcester on May 11. Of significant note for Anna, she was the first-place winner and judged to have the highest score in the competition!

We are so proud of all of the students who participated and received awards at these contests. And thank you to teachers, Sandra Torello, Cristina Martinez, Chuck Claus, Max Utter, and Michel Ohly, who coordinated all of these events. Click here to see the full list of students!