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Many Families Attend Open House

It was a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon and the hallways and classrooms at Lesley Ellis were filled with kids and parents. Faculty and staff were also at school to welcome the more than 40 families who stopped by the fall open house.

Fall is a busy time at Lesley Ellis. Class trips, sports, and special events fill the calendar quickly. One of the biggest annual events is the open house which is an open invitation to families in the area to visit the school, learn about the Lesley Ellis program, and talk with faculty about the curriculum and community. Open House Ad October 2019

The Lesley Ellis community plays a crucial role in helping to spread the word about the open house. Word of mouth and lawns signs are two of the main ways people learn about Lesley Ellis. Facebook plays a key role, too. WBUR, the local NPR station in Boston, also helped to spread the word about Lesley Ellis. Hear the ad here and tune in again next week to hear the Lesley Ellis ad highlighting the upcoming middle school open house on Wednesday, November 13 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.