A Program of Schools for Children

Early Childhood Clubhouse

Connect with friends and develop skills in music, sports, and much more! Activities are centered around themes and often connect to classroom topics. Each session offers different thematic activities as well as time for snack and outdoor play. Themes include, numbers and shapes, fairies and dragons, puzzles, science, bugs and butterflies, and many more.

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September / October 2022

Playground Games | $
227 (7 weeks)
Let’s get our sillies out learning some playground games.

Tell Me a Story | $224 (7 weeks)
Create and tell our own stories using crafts, games and songs.

String Art | $160 (5 weeks)
Let’s get all tangled up with fun projects with string and yarn.

My Hands and Feet | $256 (8 weeks)
Your hands go clap, your feet go tap! Let’s get our hands and feet moving to a rhythm.

Science Art | $256 (8 weeks)
Explore slime, sound containers, color windows, glue, glitter, dough, magnetism, flowers and more!

November / December 2022

Fruits and Veggies | $160 (5 weeks)
Find out how fruits and vegetables grow and have fun learning about eating healthy.

I Spy | $224 (7 weeks)
With many varieties of this game, we will use “I Spy” games as a natural way to build working memory, language development, and letter and object recognition.

Fun with Fabric | $128 (4 weeks)
We’ll be printing, drawing and painting with fabric.

Songs and Games | $160 (5 weeks)
Let’s get our bodies moving with familiar and new games.

Number Fun | $160 (5 weeks)
Let’s learn more about numbers with games, songs, and crafts.

January / February 2023

Fairies, Frogs and Dragons | $192 (6 weeks)
Learn about the magical world of living in a castle.

Puzzles | $256 (8 weeks)
Let’s put the pieces together with puzzles and games.

Creative Movement | $192 (6 weeks)
Get into the rhythm and get our bodies moving with ribbons, scarves, musical instruments and a parachute.

Recycle Art | $224 (7 weeks)
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse…and make a fun craft too!

Mad Science | $224 (7 weeks)
Perform simple experiments and discover how science works.

March / April 2023

Bedtime Stories | $224 (7 weeks)
Cuddle up with your favorite teddy and enjoy some bedtime crafts and stories.

Game Day | $224 (7 weeks)
Come play games that encourage problem solving skills, turn taking, and strategic thinking.

Play Ball! | $192 (6 weeks)
Using a variety of games we will work on hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and agility.

Crayons | $256 (8 weeks)
Color, build, wear, melt – the possibilities are endless with these inspiring crayon craft

What’s Up? | $224 (7 weeks)
Explore kites, chimes and other things the wind can move.

May / June 2023

Numbers Are Fun | $128 (4 weeks)
Let’s learn more about numbers with games, songs and crafts.

Scavenger Hunts | $192 (6 weeks)
We are going to get moving as we take a different look at our surroundings with fun and interesting scavenger hunts.

Walking Feet | $160 (5 weeks)
Each week we will go on a walking adventure in the neighborhood with our friends.

Bugs and Butterflies | $160 (5 weeks)
Let’s create art with bugs and butterflies in mind.

Watch It Grow | $128 (4 weeks)
Learn about seeds and plants with projects, songs and games.