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Staying Connected

Lesley Ellis takes pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive community that encompasses teachers, administrators, students, families, and all those associated with our institution. We are committed to maintaining open lines of communication to ensure that everyone stays informed and connected with the Lesley Ellis Community. Our primary means of sharing important information with parents is through the weekly ‘News and Notes’ email newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning.

Our Parents Association plays a vital role in enhancing the Lesley Ellis experience for all. They engage in various activities, from fundraising initiatives to organizing class gatherings, offering additional opportunities for our community to unite throughout the year. Some of the sub-committees within our Parents Association include Classroom Representatives, Our Community Outreach Committee, Garden Committee, and the Spring Auction Committee. Regardless of your preferences or availability, there is an avenue for every parent to participate and contribute!

If you have any questions or are interested in exploring volunteer opportunities at Lesley Ellis, please reach out to James Bethel

2023 – 2024 Parents’ Association Leadership Team

Emina Kelley
Chase – Grade 3/4 Orange

Gabby Geller

Henry – Grade 5
Nora – Grade 7

John Aslanian
Lucia – Grade 5