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Marionette Magic

The gym was silent this morning. Wide eyed preschoolers and Kindergartners sat in rap attention. Unfolding before them was a fairy tale come to life in the most enchanting way. Puppets danced, played instruments, juggled, transformed, and even flew through the air, all set to the best-loved music of favorite composers.

The special assembly was put on by the Tanglewood Marionettes. They performed The Fairy Circus,  which featured over twenty beautifully hand-crafted marionettes and is a showcase for turn-of-the-century-style trick puppetry. The Fairy Circus  was performed by a solo puppeteer and the presentation included a lively puppetry demonstration prior to the show, and a question and answer session following the performance.

More about the Tanglewood Marionettes

Founded in 1993, Tanglewood Marionettes is a nationally touring marionette theater based in New England. Large, beautifully hand-crafted marionettes, colorful sets, and integrated lighting and sound create a fully immersive theatrical experience. Highly skilled puppeteers have spent many years perfecting their art, delighting audiences of all ages as they bring our repertoire of classic tales to life.



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