A Program of Schools for Children


Preschool is a time for new discoveries and learning what it means to be a part of a classroom community. Children are becoming more independent and take pride in their accomplishments—from making friends to doing things all by themselves- everything is exciting. Our warm, safe classroom environment supports students’ growing sense of autonomy, while keeping them fully engaged in creative activities throughout the day. A preschool day is all about having fun while also developing a solid foundation for learning.

Learning Looks Like This

A group of children is playing in the dramatic play area. They announce that they have created a grocery store for the classroom. One child places all of the pretend food into a shopping cart saying, “This is all mine. I am buying it all.” Another child groans, “Hey, I wanted to buy some of that food!” The teacher asks the children, “What should we do? We have two shoppers and there’s no food left in the store.” The room is quiet while everyone thinks. The children suggest that the shoppers could “take turns” buying all the food. The teacher guides the conversation. “What other people do we need in the grocery store? Who will help this shopper check out?” The child with all the groceries suggests, “You can be the cashier when I am the shopper, and then I will be the cashier for you!” Another child says, “I will be the bagger!” The teacher validates the children’s creative resolution. “You’ve come up with good ideas for taking turns!” she says.

Later in the day, the teacher reads a book about taking turns, noting the different jobs that the group had when they played grocery store. The benefits of taking turns are discussed, and the children become more prepared for verbal negotiation.


The LES preschool program offers three-, four-, and five-morning options (8:30 AM–12:30 PM).
In addition, parents may choose any combination of days of the following:

  • Before school (7:30–8:30 AM)
  • Afternoon (12:30–3:15 PM)
  • After school (3:15–5:30 PM)

Preschoolers benefit from all the special subjects available to our older students, including:

  • Spanish (2x/week)
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Makerspace

Joyful, Engaged Learning