A Program of Schools for Children

Vacation Clubhouse

The Lesley Ellis School Vacation Clubhouse offers parents coverage on early release days, conference days and school vacations. More than a convenient option for working parents, the program is designed to enhance children’s social skills and intellectual development and to provide a fun alternative to the typical school day.

Our Vacation Clubhouse goals align with our school-day priorities—to provide meaningful, fully immersive, hands-on experiences. Early release days might include exploring ideas, subject matter and culture in delightfully different artistic ways. On Conference Days students will participate in fun Science Explorations. During the February and April vacation weeks students will Go for the Gold as we simulate winter Olympic sports participation and create, design and market a product during Shark Tank Week!

Vacation Clubhouse is the perfect way to keep your children active when school is not in session!

See the LES Vacation Clubhouse Brochure 2021–2022 for more information.