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Abby Chin to Talk With Middle Schoolers

Buckle up for some exciting news! Have you ever heard of Abby Chin? Well, if you have a TK student, chances are you’re already well-acquainted with this superstar. But even if you’re not in the TK crew, if you’re a Boston Celtics fan, you’ve probably seen Abby in action—or at the very least, you’d recognize her energetic presence!

So here’s the scoop: Abby Chin, the Celtics pregame and postgame reporter and the dynamic court-side sensation for NBC Sports, is making her way to our school on October 4th! Can you feel the buzz? Abby is going to drop by to hang out with our awesome middle school students. She’s got an interesting story to share about her life as a sports journalist, and she’s ready to tackle all the questions those inquisitive minds can throw at her. Get ready for an exciting morning of sports talk, journalism, and inspiration! 🏀🎤