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Buffalos and Bedlam

Learning about American history. To many students, it may seem like a slog. Positively ancient events with little relevance to their lives. At Lesley Ellis School, history is contextualized and the process is, dare we say, fun.

Just ask the third and fourth graders who recently put on an original stage production called “Buffalos and Bedlam.” The musical play about an elementary school field trip to the Museum of Science that goes wrong when the bus breaks down outside an assisted living facility. Thankfully, the residents inside are far older and much more interesting than the students expected. If you like the Lewis and Clark Expedition, songs by ABBA, and anthropomorphized U.S. states explaining the Missouri Compromise, “Buffalos and Bedlam” delivered it. If you missed it, you’ll get a flavor from the photo galleries.