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Capability and Confidence on Display

Twelve 5th grade students accepted the challenge of participating in the optional 5th Grade Science Fair this year.

Starting the week before February vacation, students brainstormed questions of interest to test and then through conferencing with their science teacher, Max Utter, chose one of those questions to focus on for the duration of the project. Over the next month and a half, students, with support and guidance from Max and respective families, posed a hypothesis, gathered data with respect to the question they chose to test, wrote all the sections of a scientific paper as it pertained to their individual projects, assembled and decorated a poster board with their sections attached, and then presented their findings to a panel of judges on March 3  1st.

All twelve students performed exceptionally well in front of the judges and conveyed their findings in true professional fashion. Ceci Held earned an honorable mention for her project focusing on what happens when you change the amount
of yeast in a pizza dough recipe. Maxwell Puncher earned an honorable mention for his project on conducting electricity with potatoes varying in size, freshness, and moisture content. Alex Morales earned a second place prize for her project that focused on the change in rise and width, and taste, of cookies using different egg replacers to find the best substitute for those who cannot consume eggs. Finally, Nathan Chun earned this year’s first place prize for his project on how specific light cycles affect the growth of plants and if we can translate this to how to best grow plants on different planets in our solar system. All fifth grade participants should be incredibly proud of themselves for all of their hard work during this experience!