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Digging Into Pi

On March 14 (3.14), middle school students came to school prepared to dig into some….Pi! The 5 – 8 graders participated in the annual Pi Day Celebration by engaging in a series of math-related activities. Students moved freely from station to station, completing activities to earn Pi Points. Pi Points became raffle tickets and a few lucky students won circle-themed prizes. Station activities ranged from the very mathy (estimating pi by dividing circles’ circumferences by their diameters, or doing practice math contest problems) to the artistic (using the digits of pi to create city skylines, or writing piku poetry–3 syllables, 1 syllable, 4 syllables), and everything in between! Every year a highlight of the event is the pi memorization contest where students compete to see who knows the most digits of pi. Congratulations to this year’s winner, 8th grader Harry Wieand, who successfully recited a stunning 512 digits of pi! Students ended the day having lunch together in the gym as a middle school community.