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The Smell of April is in the Air

April 1 is a day for kids. It’s also a day for adults who are kids at heart. April 1 is April Fool’s Day. Whatever silliness you may have been the subject of or subjected others to, nothing compares to the deliciousness that marked April Fool’s Day in the PreK Green classroom at Lesley Ellis.

The classroom was filled with giddy anticipation as the students and teachers invited the Lesley Ellis community to stop in for brownies. When the hungry masses arrived, they were met by giggling students who promptly and very seriously handed each person a literal brown “e” that they had cleverly cut out of construction paper. The children were delighted by the responses they got from the adults which ranged from laughter to confusion to several pretend attempts at eating the paper “brown-e.” The PreK students were perfect hosts, however, and after the very successful April Fool’s joke, everyone who stopped by the classroom left with a very real, very delicious homemade brownie. Thank you, PreK Green!