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First Day of School!

Bikes, scooters, cars, carriages, dad’s shoulders, or walking shoes. No matter how you chose to arrive at Lesley Ellis for the first day of school today, you were greeted with the same excitement and palpable anticipation. The perfect weather only added to the happiness of the day. After a picture in front of the Lesley Ellis School sign it was off to one of the orange doors to check in.

At each door, there were huge hugs and holding hands. Smiles and waves. Shrieks of joy and happiness. Another school year is officially underway. Parents reconnected, backpacks were checked and rechecked.And even though we remain masked, nothing can hide the smiles that are there. Just look for the crinkled eyes and puffed out cheeks!

The first day of school, no matter what your age, brings a sense of wonder and maybe a little bit of anxiety. But nerves were calmed and doubt dispelled at the sight of old friends, new faces, and the warmth of the Lesley Ellis community.

Welcome back everyone!