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Junior Discoverers

Junior Discoverers features four different themes each session. Campers have fun making new projects, learning new games and forming new friendships. Whether attending for one session or all summer, your child will have a fun and rewarding experience.

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8:00 – 9:00 Arrival, choice time.
9:00 – 9:30 Meeting.
9:30 – 12:00 Activities, snack, outdoor time.
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch for full day campers.
Half day pick-up.
1:00 – 3:45 Activities, snack, outdoor play.
4:00 Dismissal.


June 14 -18
Time Travelers
A visit to another time dimension! We will use our imagination to build robots and explore outer space, while creating a time capsule for future campers to discover.

Chalk Gallery
From hopscotch games to Monet Masterpieces, chalk has always had a wide variety of uses. Come join us for a week of chalk adventures.

June 21 – 25
SuperHero Week
Attention all Superheroes! Grab your capes, shields, and masks and get ready to show your true strength in this week of crime fighting. Superhero-themed games, obstacle courses, costume making, face painting, and team building will be just a few of the many activities your superhero will partake in.

Painting with Scissors
Using scissors to cut shapes you will create works of art just like some of our famous artists.

June 28 – July 2*

Wacky Water Week
Splash! Water balloon fights, water games and challenges are just some of many water activities we have planned for the week!

Island Fiesta
Palm trees, pinatas, and luaus help to celebrate a week of fiesta fun. Come join us for crafts, music, games and celebrations as we transform our camp into an Island Adventure.

July 6 – 9
Blast Off Into Space
Explore the final frontier…space! Watch out for black holes as we will take a look at all the mysterious, fantastic things that go on in the night sky. From astronaut food to deep space missions, this week will have astronomy related activities, games and science lessons.

Move and Groove
We will celebrate kids getting active in traditional and non-traditional settings, from sports to dance to silly active games, kids will get their exercise and fun all in one big dose.

July 12 – 16

Sports Extravaganza
Join us for the opportunity for your child to indulge his or her love of sports (or a particular sport) while enjoying the company of other kids and spending a very healthy amount of time outdoors.

Under the Sea
Hold your breath for a fun week of learning about sharks, octopuses and other unexplored depths of your imagination. Come splash around with your friends!

July 19 – 23
All Balls
One toy that all children are drawn to are balls. Big, small, textured– you name it, balls are a sure hit with kids. Catch, kick, bat, throw…come see how many games we can play with a ball.

Penguins and Polar Bears
Chill out during a week of summer as we turn our camp into an Arctic wonderland.

July 26 – July 30

Lego/Mega Blok
Come work, come build, come play both individually and in teams as we tackle STEM challenges of design.

International Arts and Crafts
Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! We will learn about cultures from around the world. What do people eat? What do they do for fun? We’ll play games and create art from around the world in an effort to understand the similarities and differences that unite us all.

August 2 – 6
Wild Outdoor Explorer
Join us for an adventure of exploring nature and learning new skills. Learn map skills, identify animal footprints, plants, and trees.

Fizz! Pop! Bang!
Pop on in for guaranteed fun as we explore the world of fizzing, foaming, and floating science! Lots of crazy experiments will be packed into this week. We provide the fun; you bring your imagination!

August 9 – 13

Art in the Garden
Green thumbs lead to a variety of colorful garden activities in this week-long adventure of exploring art in nature.

Fast & Furious
Rev your engines and put the pedal to the floor! We are going to test our speed with racetracks, use our quick reflexes for relay races and cheer on our friends as we head to the speedway!

August 16 – 20
Oh no! We’ve been shipwrecked! What will it take to survive a week of being shipwrecked? Find out as we build boats, sing songs, decode a pirate’s map, search for buried treasure and more!

Farewell to Summer
Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean our fun is. Come join us as we celebrate all things summer, from sleeping in tents, stories around a campfire, water activities, and enjoying friends made at camp.