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Moving On Up!

Going to Kindergarten is a big deal! Remember when you were little and how you felt anticipating that big step? A combination of apprehension and excitement. At Lesley Ellis, we try to help our rising Kindergartners (and their parents!) with this transition by offering them a peek into the nurturing, welcoming, and stimulating environment that is Kindergarten. Visit Day is a chance for children in our PreK and TK classrooms to visit Kindergarten, meet the teachers, and look around the classroom to discover things that feel familiar and explore things that are new and intriguing.

When children visit Kindergarten, they see blocks, games, puzzles, books, art materials, a ball wall, and an imaginary play loft. They experience a balance of exploration and play, as well as an introduction to more structured, academic topics. And they go to the art studio and makerspace classroom like the big kids. Kindergarten is truly a magical year and an important one in the life of children.

If your inner child is curious about what Kindergarten and early elementary classrooms look like at Lesley Ellis, we can arrange a visit for you as well. Be prepared to be inspired and excited!