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Preschoolers Eyes Light Up

Preschoolers and Electricity. Doesn’t sound like the best combination, right But at Lesley Ellis the study of circuitry is not only educational but fun….and safe!

Wondrous phrases such as, “On, off, on off” or “ “Touching the motor makes my finger dizzy!” or “Put your hand over it. It’s giving off lots of air like a fan,” have been common place over the last month or so as preschoolers have been working with circuit blocks specifically designed for use with young students. The blocks allow young, inquisitive minds to tinker safely with electricity and everyday components. Students began by exploring a simplest circuit using a battery, two wires with alligator clips and a bulb.  Their mission: to get the light bulb to turn on. After successfully lighting the bulb they moved to adding switches, LED lights, motors and buzzers to their circuits. As their exploration of circuitry has evolved over the last several weeks, they have developed a common interest in building spinning machines and have shared their thinking and theories as they build, explore and test the machines.


Little Learner Series

Join us virtually for one of our Little Learners Series on the first Thursday of every month. This series is for parents and children ages 2 – 5. There will be stories, songs, and a variety of fun, educational activities. Invite a friend or neighbor. The Little Learners Series is free.

Register for one or more of the Little Learners Series here.