A Program of Schools for Children

Secondary School Placement

Deciding where to go after Lesley Ellis is a big decision and is ultimately a matter of finding the right fit. This means feeling confident that your child will thrive, that your family’s and the school’s values and priorities are aligned, and that you feel comfortable being a parent in the school community you choose.

Lesley Ellis graduates are well-prepared and are routinely accepted into their first-choice schools. They leave Lesley Ellis with all the tools they need to move on with confidence and a sense of self, so they arrive at their new school ready to embrace the many challenges of high school and adolescence.

The Process

The process of selecting a high school begins with our Secondary School Advising, which helps students understand and master their responsibilities (interviewing, test taking, portfolio preparation, and thinking carefully about the kind of learning environment in which they do best). Families conduct research, complete applications and entrance requirements, and make the final choice. It is important to keep in mind that secondary school decisions affect the whole family and the “right fit” includes many factors. At Lesley Ellis, our knowledgeable faculty and staff, as well as our secondary school coordinator, assist both students and their families as they navigate this important transition.

Brief Timeline of the Secondary Schools Process

7th Grade year

  • Meet with Secondary Schools Advisor about current plans
  • Initial visits to schools of interest (broad search)


  • Meet with Secondary Schools Advisor about school options

8th Grade year

  • Meet with Secondary Schools Advisor to choose school/s
  • Visits to schools of interest (narrow search)
  • Applications/recommendations/essays

December – January

  • Applications submitted to schools


  • Registration for public systems & visiting opportunities
  • Catholic school acceptances


  • Prep school acceptances