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Summer Plugged IN

The 2020 Lesley Ellis Summer Program is Online!

COVID-19 changed the way our summer program at Lesley Ellis looks. Although we won’t be together in person this summer, we have a fabulous online program ready to roll out.

Join us for a fun and engaging summer of online activities. Lesley EllisPlugged IN! begins on July 6 and runs through August 14. Each offering is a week long.

Sign up for as many classes as you’d like for as many weeks as you’d like. You’ll work with talented teachers and counselors who will share their passion for learning and having fun. We have a wide variety of activities and sessions and we’re sure you’ll find something that will suit you. Learn new games, try your hand at DIY art projects, or learn some new ways to look at math, reading and even Shakespeare!

Below is just a peek at just some of the engaging and fun offerings you’ll find at Lesley Ellis Plugged IN! Full course descriptions for each week as well as faculty bios are available here.

Registration opens Monday, June 15.
We can’t wait to see you online this summer!

Entering K and Grade 1

Magical Murals
In this class, you’ll create a week long mural-style project featuring details like a mosaic. Every day students will work on a given aspect or element of the project. There will be an intro for each session with processes explained, and then a read-aloud while students work, and then an opportunity for students to show their work in process.

Storytime Breakfast
Grab a bowl of cereal and curl up with your iPad. Each morning, we will start our day with 30-45 minutes of long-form picture books aimed at children ages 6-8. Whether it’s fairy tales, folk tales, or dinosaur tails — these stories are sure to entertain and enlighten. Following each story there will be a brief discussion period for children to ask questions and share reactions.

Entering Grades 2, 3, and 4

Learn origami and create wonderful pieces of art!

Salsa Dancing
Get moving and fun by learning the basics of salsa dancing!

Mission Addition / Subtraction Action
Grab a deck of cards, a couple of dice, and a pencil and paper and have fun reviewing strategies for addition and subtraction while playing fun games.

Entering Grades 5 – 8

Dungeons and Dragons
This two week campaign will begin with character creation and world building. The adventurers will then gather and team up against evil forces, explore a unique world, and search for lost treasures. The campaign will be aided by the use of Roll20.net a free online virtual tabletop and will also feature actual miniatures and battle maps filmed by the Dungeon Master (Wizard Sam) with an overhead camera. Adventure awaits for seasoned veterans and those new to the game!

Are You A Genius?
You can learn any subject when learning is fun. Come play your favorite game shows like Jeopardy, Kahoot, and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire while learning History, Math and Language Arts. Brush up on popular concepts and quiz yourself against your friends with these popular games.