A Program of Schools for Children


Lesley Ellis Clubhouse is an after school program that is a great place to play, create, build, read, imagine, explore and make new friends. Our focus has always been on the social and emotional support of students as they learn and play, reinforcing the skills they have learned throughout the school day.

We realize more than ever that our students need to have a place where they can make friends, enjoy an activity, play outside and be a kid. We have chosen to focus on providing our students with a fun afternoon and a relaxing environment. Each day of the week will feature an overall theme with a variety of activities geared to each program’s age group.

Our aim is to provide engaging and enriching activities which promote life-long success.

Early Childhood Clubhouse

Children learn best when they are having fun, so we have designed Clubhouse to stimulate cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development through an array of exciting activities. Early Childhood Clubhouse

Elementary Clubhouse

Students need a safe, supported afternoon filled with fun and enriching activities this year more than ever before. An array of engaging activities offers plenty of opportunities to move, socialize and develop new skills and interests. Elementry Clubhouse

Middle School Clubhouse

Join us several afternoons each week for math, art, games or learn a new hobby. Open your mind to new and interesting opportunities.Middle School Clubhouse